TEC was originally formed by George Milburn in 1990. George had been a mechanic for years

leading up to the opening of TEC.  To start with it was actually a specialist auto-electrical company for cars and motorcycles (called The Electric Centre A.K.A TEC) however over the years George moved away from cars and focused solely on bikes.  

After running a garage for a number of years he used his experience as a mechanic and bike enthusiast to start designing and making his own parts to improve his own bikes.  This was a great success and eventually he started to make the parts in greater quantities in order to start sharing his parts with the rest of the world.  

Over time, in order to meet demand, this has grown into TEC Bike Parts.  The company has grown into a family business with his wife Janet and myself, his son Matt working full time on the business in order to keep up with our ever growing customer base.  We are always happy to hear any feedback from you or if you have any questions please just let us know.