Our cams are back! Full details on how to buy and price. Also, a photo competition update.
We can only produce our camshafts in small batches.  As such, we sell them in a slightly differently way.  When we have a batch ready we will send an email out to our mailing list letting you know a batch is ready to be sold.  In that email we then state the date and time that a follow-up email will be sent.  In order to purchase a cam you need to respond to that follow-up email with the requested information we ask for.  If your bike fits the requirements for our cam we will email you back and organise payment and delivery. 

For now, we will not be selling the cams in any other way so please do not email separately or phone the office looking to buy one.

The cams are sent on a first come first serve basis so be ready with the information if you want a chance at getting one.

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1. With the cam fitted will the bike still comply to Euro 4?

Yes, we have designed the cam with a small valve overlap and high torque characteristics.  This means if it is fitted with no other changes it will comply with Euro 4 emissions.

2. Will I lose any low revs power or torque?

No, the cam is designed to retain low revs power and the big difference is after 3750 RPM.  It has no drop off in power like the stock cam.

3.  Can I install just the cam without doing anything else to the bike?

Yes, you will gain around 10 BHP if you install the cam only.

4. Do I need to remove the cat-converter?

No, the cat can stay in place and the cam timing will not warm it.

5. Do I need to remap the bike?

No, if installing the cam only there is no need to remap the bike.

6. What other mods can I do to get more power?

You can:

Remove the exhaust cat
Replace the silencers or exhaust system
Fit a high flow air filter
Install a performance ECU map
Install a power commander
Other tuning devices

7.  When will the other cams be available?

Around Summer/Autumn 2018.  We will be announcing when they are ready so we just ask that you are patient and wait for the announcement.