TEC Photo Competition 2018! We are giving away £100's in CASH, VOUCHERS & EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRTS for pictures of your bike! Full details inside! 📷
Submit photos of your bike to win cash and vouchers!

TEC Photo Competition 2018 has begun!

Now that the weather is finally on the up - we want you to get out on your bike fitted with TEC Bike Parts, take lots of photos and send them to us!  In return we are giving away a load of exclusive prizes!

If you win one of the top prizes you can choose whether to take it as cash (in UK Pound Sterling £) or you are able to trade it for a larger value voucher to be spent on our website.

We also have a load of exclusive TEC Bike Parts T-shirts (pictured below) which are only available to get through this competition.

We will also be sharing your photos with the world on our Facebook and Instagram (@tec_bike_parts) pages.

Full details on submissions and prizes below.
A selection of photos sent to us by our talented customers
  • Top prize of £100 in cash or a £150 voucher to be spent on www.tecbikeparts.com - 1 available. Selected by our judges.
  • Second prize of £50 in cash or a £75 voucher to be spent on www.tecbikeparts.com - 1 available. Selected by our judges.
  • Third prize of £10 or a £15 voucher to be spent on www.tecbikeparts.com - 5 available.  Chosen at random.
  • Fourth prize of an exclusive TEC Bike Parts T-Shirt in white (Pictured below) - 15 available.  Chosen at random.
Terms for entry:
  • To be eligible to win a prize the bike MUST be fitted with one of our TEC Bike Parts products.  Let us know which parts are fitted if it isn't immediately obvious.
  • Each person is entered into the prizes picked at random only once.  You can submit any amount of photos you like but each person will have only have 1 entry into any prize picked at random.
  • The top prizes are picked by us based on which we like best.  The smaller prizes are picked at random.
  • Cash prizes will be sent by PayPal.  Vouchers will be emailed and are unique codes that can be used on 1 transaction.  T-shirts are available in S, M, L, XL.  There are a limited number of each size, they will be distributed based on who responds to their winning emails with their requested size first.
  • The competition will be running until June, final submissions date will be announced closer to the time.
Tips for submissions:
  • Send as many photos as you can - there is no limit on the number of photos you can send.  Submit as many as you can of your bike, we may like some more than others!
  • Take photos from lots of angles - sometimes just moving slightly can make a big difference.
  • Take the photos in front of an interesting background - a plain background like a brick wall or greenery can make your bike standout.  By contrast a sweeping landscape or industrial background can also help compliment your bike in a different way.  Avoid just taking a photo on your drive, we get a lot of photos like this and it isn't the most exciting.  Think outside the box.
  • AVOID awkward or ugly items in the background - try not to have things like a random parked car or pedestrian in the background, this can really ruin a photo.
  • Submit it in as high resolution as possible - Facebook and Instagram will compress your photos and make them not as sharp or clear.  Sending the original files straight from your phone/camera is best.
  • Take it in good light - get out on a sunny day for the best photos.  Taking it on a dark or cloudy day will have a bad effect on the final result.
  • Use the best camera possible - modern phone cameras are good but a proper camera will still beat them a lot of the time.
How to submit:
  • Please email your photos to matthew.milburn@tecbikeparts.com in as high resolution as possible.  If the files are very large you can use a service such as www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com to send them over.
Good luck!  We can't wait to see your bikes fitted with our parts!
Our exclusive TEC T-shirt available to win in this competition