All alloy gas shocks Thruxton, 15 x Way Adjustable Damping/Adjustable length feature


TEC TRIUMPH TRUXTON, All Alloy Piggyback Type Gas Shocks with 15 way Adjustable Damping and Adjustable Length

Available in Silver with Black spring or NEW!  All Black

Our TEC alloy gas shocks with up-rated road damping and unique length adjustment range.
Allowing the bike to be lowered, raised or run at standard ride height.
Features include -
All alloy construction.
Full re-build able.
Gas filled for consistent damping.
Black powder coated Triple rated progressive springs.
35mm pre-load spring adjustment, adjusting C spanner included.
Adjustable length feature from 335mm to 375mm between mounting centers.

Detailed instructions provided.

Harder and softer spring options available on request.
Works great with our progressive fork spring kit
12 Month Warranty