Street Twin / Street Cup / Street Scrambler Paddock Stand Bobbins - Axle Adapter Bobbins Kit


TEC Alloy Paddock Stand Bobbin Kit - This kit is designed to fit all years and models of the Street Twin / Street Cup and Street Scrambler.
 Note -for the Bobber model we have a different kit as the axle length is different.

 The kit features:
  • Super neat, secure and easy to use.
  • Adjust the chain and clean bike with ease.
  • Allows the use of any standard hook type paddock stand.
  • No modification needed, they come the correct length.
  • Easy to fit inside the hollow rear axle.
  • Designed and hand machined by TEC.  We designed this part as the street twin does not have bobbin mounts fitted as standard.
  • Stand not included
Fitting video: