Scrambler 1200 XE and XC booster plug fuel device plug and play


Detailed fitting instructions here-

'NEW'Booster plug plug and play kit for 1200 Scrambler XE and XC models 2019 

Modern EFI bikes especially Euro 4 run very lean in open loop mode and this can cause stalling, poor running and hesitant acceleration.

This fuelling device interrupts the signal from the air temp sensor and modifies it to make the ECU add approx 4-6% more fuel during acceleration in open loop mode, it will not affect MPG as it has no effect in closed loop mode ie. cruising mode or steady running. The device has its own temp sensor and it modifies the signal to release the correct amount of fuel for the measured air temperature.

Lifetime warranty from makers , 60 day no quibble money back returns 

Very easy to install with correct plugs ( PLUG AND PLAY ) no wire cutting required. It has a no quibble money back satisfaction 60 day returns  lifetime product warranty from makers